Jan 27, 2016

2015 last projects

Hello! Long time no see. Well the last post is from 4 months ago. You guess it: I have a lot of updates for you. New projects and old ones. From digital modeling to Tradionnal Sculpt.

Camaro 2016 - Final Entry on CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Challenge

Camaro 2016 - Interior
Star Wars - Obiwan Kenobi - Wip 000
Shark 1:9 - Wip 000
Shark 1:9 - Wip 001a
Shark 1:9 - Wip 002

I still aim to get my hand on a 3d printer. But here a sample I printed with 3dhub.com (printed on a Form 1+) from my Harry Potter wip version

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