Feb 20, 2017

Endoskull 1:1 from Chronicle Collectibles + Nikon d3200

Tata ta tata! tata ta tata! Hello guys, I think I didn't told you; last year, after working on the Terminator Genisys project at MPC Montreal, I decide to order a souvenir. Costy one but still a great souvenir. As a movie fan, I was a bit desappointed by the final result of the story, but style was better then T3 or Salvation.

I was planning to do a unboxing for my future Youtube channel, but I dont have the Me-1 microphone to do my review yet. So I was impatience to open it. Anyway, I can still do a review of the piece. Who wants to view an unboking and my reaction? I though it would be better to offer a review instead.

It's my first mail order for a collectible. Usually, I go in a convention or a store to buy my stuff. First because has a Canadian I save the shipping (That collectible cost me 80$CAD), second I'm able to see the piece itself, the details, the paintjob and the possible issues with it. I also can better judge the scale of it.

But as for the Endoskull 1:1 I didnt saw it at the Comiccon Montreal this year, So I order one before every pieces was sell. Got the number 561.

The Endoskull 1:1 has been produce by Chronicle Collectibles, a Texan company who took all the 3D files from my company to 3d print and mold the result. So Im sure it's accurate and they didnt change a thing. They even use Arnold CG version to do Conan on Throne version.

That Endo is of course different from the Terminator 1 or 2 version. At first, before order, I was underring if it was too dark. Because the Genisys movie has a future dark color mood but T2 doesnt. It's suppose to be chrome, but that Genisys Endo is not. Still look great and i'm not complain at the end. Just need to polish with a tissu and it will be fantastic in my geek space.

Nikon d3200
I found on Kijiji a lovely student who sold her d3200 for a fair price. So I'm now a owner of a d3200 of Nikon. It's a DX, so no full frame, but my old d200 is also one, so all my lenses work well. I'm still planning to by a better camera for movie making, but it will be an actual video camera not a photo camera who shoot videos as option.

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