Jun 9, 2015

Harry Potter : The Lord of Hallows

Hi all, since I prepare to move on 1th of july (yah Only place in the world that everybody move the same day) in my new appartment. All my sculpt and tools are already in a box (thanks girlfriend ahah). So I decide to come back to digital with, guess what, a new project: Harry Potter: The Lord of Hallows.

Many fan fictions from the Harry Potter universe take the approach of a dark Harry Potter who choose Slytherin House instead of Gryffindor.

I try that approach. Dark Harry from Slytherin House at an adult age becoming a rebel aurore hunting dark magic users without reporting to the Minister of Magic.

Also, he is the Lord of Hallows, still using the Cloak of Invisibility and Elder wand and the Resurrection Stone.

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