Feb 13, 2017

Comiccon, Form 1+ & Darth Vader Bust WIP006

Form 1+ and Vader wip06 58mm first print test
Hey Guys! Whats up? Guess who's back and who has great news? Me!

After 3 months and a half, I will end my current contract at MPC Montreal for 4 months (I will be call back for more fun). It has been a great experience working on a great upcoming 2017 movie.

4 months off to do what? Finishing two university courses to have my diploma so I can teach multimedias at my old cegep (at lease, thats my goal). But it's not enough to keep me occupy.

I got myself an artist stand for the next Comiccon Montreal who will occur the weekend of July 7-8-9. Come see me! I will get a corner stand to have more visibility and I plan to show few of my mini sculpt but also a work-in-progress project call for now: STARNIGHT. Can't tell for now what it is but it will help me level up in life and hopefully become an entrepreneur like my father before me (sound like a star wars quote? no? lol).

But the great news is that I finally purchase my Form 1+ that I was dream of mine since 2015. And with it all my digital sculpt will come to life. Get ready :)

So, as you can see my first print was a failure (see the picture of my vader wip 006 58mm print). I did just a test with automatic supports setup. Didnt work well. But also my print was too thin so the resin had difficulty to keep the shape. But overall i'm still grad of my first result.

I also setup a youtube channel so you can follow my work easily. I plan to do it in english but also in french since I'm one. So always two videos for the same thing for both langages. It's call Scote's Lair and it will be use for multiples things: geek stuff related like Movies/bluray reviews, CG tutorials, life tutorials, products reviews, collectibles reviews, my own projects updates, etc. I only need to buy a camera :) I have my old Nikon d200 but it's doesnt do video. So I plan a small camera like the d3200 few cheap price but can do what I want: take video. But that camera is still super good and maybe better then my 10megapixels d200 camera since its a 24. ahah

I have a microphone already and everything else like lights, etc. I'm ready to podcast but I want to do video and editing lol

For those who didnt follow my progression on the vader model. Here's my last wip and it's actually the model that I 3d print with an height of 58mm.

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