Oct 30, 2016

Back to be an artist & Darth Vader Bust WIP 005

Hello guys, it's been months since I post. My life change a bit since then. After 2, almost 3, years I finally switch back to be an artist. Not coordination anymore. At MPC montreal, I was covering FX department on various movies: Xmen, Terminator: Genisys, Goosebump, Pirate of the Caribbeans, etc. But I grow a bit tired of redoing the same schedule on planning. As an artist at least it's new subject. So I'm now in 3ddmp for MPC. I sculpt environment :) Really hope the be on many movies in 2017 to grow my portfolio.

As for my personal projects, it's still going. My Nux character is on pause since I start a Darth Vader bust in CG but I plan to 3d print it and cast it for the next Montreal comic-con 2017. I have a stand there so I hope to have something to show and sell.

I plan a screen accurate Vader bust in 1:2 scale from Empire Strike Back (ESB). So mean I will have the helmet only. I don't plan the character inside even if we see i'm in the vader chamber in ESB. I will produce a very limited copy of the v1 bust and will move on to an other bust next. Here's my progress so far

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