May 18, 2016

The Flight of the Dragons

Man! What a nostalgia when it come to talk about that 1982 animated movie. Don't judge the dvd cover because everything is wrong with that cover. Judge the film itself. That movie came out in the same year as the Last Unicorn. Less popular maybe, he didnt get a digitally remastered version.

Epic story evolve in the era where Science start to take over Magic. In crisis, the four magicians brothers reunite to come to a plan about the future: Building the last realm of magic. Ommadon, one of the four is not agree. And go by himself seek revenge on human kind. Because the Old Antiquity, the supremy being, doesn't allow the four brothers to fight each other. Coralinus, the green sorcerer, call for a quest to strike down Ommadon his evil brother. In that journey we count two dragons, a knight and a twenty century man to lead them. Curious fact, that man is a fantasy lover but he is also a scientific.

That adventure is just fantastic, dragons everywhere, good story, great voice acting. Only the drawing is poor. Draw for TV, it's in 4:3 ratio and badly animated. It came out in VHS format and we had to wait 20 years to get it in DVD format from Warner Bros (the current owner of the movie rights).

The DVD is just a poor rip off of what look like a VHS copy and the audio is mono! I really hope someday, someone will produce a decent quality bluray and bonus features.

The dragon Gorbash asleep

I did a screen grab of the DVD (toward the end) and paintover a HD picture format (1920x1080). For that, I resize the 4:3 format picture and reposition it to save the character in frame using the Action Safe framing.

I'm not a tradionnal painter, so everything that is background painted will be hard. 

My goal is to produce maybe few seconds of animation in HD format and to redo the ugly DVD cover who was also the VHS one. Because if you compare it, none of the characters on the picture match the actual character design from the movie. 

Any way a part of the quality and the cover, that movie is a must in your collection

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