Jun 29, 2014

PDJ: WIP 003

WIP 002 - Armature updated (Added Joints and legs updated)
  I bought my last Y2-klay cylinders. So a total of seven Y2-klay blocks for that sculpture. Better more then less right? Don't want to go back to the store for an half of a block. In Photoshop, I add the wip002 on top of my father REF and find out that my legs were to wide. So, I decide to rework the position of the legs and lower the all armature in the same time.
REF + Armature

Armature joints
I also add joints for the arms, because you always have the plan the molding/casting stage. With my arms coming forward, I was aiming with a future problem of mold. So I decide to correct that now with the joints. I used brass tubing (didn't want to order square shape, so my joints trun a bit). Two size tubings so one enter into the other. I merge them with Epoxy Putty. I also solidify the armature in the center. Added an apple in the picture, as ref of scale (Sideshow Collectibles do that). So my scale is 1:3.

  For the head, I start with the Cx5 material, not so easy to work with. Maybe I do it wrong, but the material turn cold very fast, no time to sculpt with normal sculpting tools. I really need the waxer for it, but the tip that come with the Ultra-Waxer is not good like Adam Beanes say in his Youtube Channel. You need two others tips (video at 13min 15sec) : Small Denture (Pink) and the Half Hollenback (Black). The best price I found was on the Kerrlab site. Because you won't get charge for the shipping. 79USD a tip is like 30-40 dollars shipping on some sites. No way I will order a $100 tip. The trouble with ordering from the Kerrlab website is: they redirect you to a local distributor and mine restrict to Dentists orders only. I have a friend that is father is a dentist, so I hope I can use my contact for that. Free shipping would be the best.

  Adam do impressive sculpts with the Cx5 and a waxer, so I can do it to no? eheh. Here's the result for now. I dig the socket of the eyes to put two 12mm of wood balls has eyeballs. Should do the trick. This week, I finally plan to put the Y2-Klay on the armature and start posing it. I will let you know the result of my attempt of ordering from dentist my tips. Also soon, I will start buying for furniture for my art: jewelry workbench, magnetic lamp and a good stool, so I can remove my stuff for the dinner table. Few days off, so I should be able to do many of the thing I just said.

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