Oct 3, 2014

Sculpting mode!

Well it's been a long time since I post something here and a lot of thing pass between that. Manly the Comic-con Montreal give me some ideas of sculpting and I buy some casteline to start sculpting figures like the pro. I also receive my two tips for my Kerrlab ultra-waxer.

First thing first, Comic-con! very cool this year, some friends did beautiful cosplay and other expose drawing art and I tought that, for next year, I should try to expose my stuffs and rent a panel. $275+tx for a 6"x6" seam ok with me. In the artist area, it's generally just drawing for sell. So I thought with my future sculpts, I could be a different kind of exhibitor.

I did think of sculpting more Comic-con based subjects, like Wolverine bust or Terminator 1:6 scale figure but if I want to make something for reproduction and for sale, I need the license of the movies/anime. So I decide I will start doing Fanatsy/sci-fi stuff like Dragons, Knights, Post-apocalypse hunter etc. Sculpting in Casteline for the character and Cx5 for the weapons.

Also, I plan to do all that in a specific scale the 1:9 scale. So the figure will be 8 inch tall for a 6 feet human height. Big enough to have details, small enough to fit on a shelf in a Display case. And I thought, why not do diorama setup for them. So If I do a knight standing next to his horse with his hands on him, why not do dragon in a similar pose so the horse can be swap with the horse. The customers can buy Knight and Dragon instead of the knight and horse.

For my Dad tribute, I stop it because there is no deadline for it, so I can come back when I would like to.

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