Feb 22, 2016

Nux and his Nux car

Hello guys,

First project of the year and I forgot to post it: 

Nux character and his Nux car from the latest Mad max movie


I already start 2 weeks ago on it but forgot to post the wip here (apologize)




I did post the ref before I launch my renders so maybe the details in REFS002 are not visible in the wip003

I start the refinements on the face but also add the torso. The basemesh I use is now fully scaled to the 6'2" height of the actor (I had to readjust all my cameras eheh). The body is just a blocking onthe proportion. Dont judge the detail or the size of the hands lol

I also think sharing my topology would be good at this point. Notice, I have the dense head polycount, I use to block with that amount of polygons but the original mesh I use have 4x less polygons. It's just I decide that because I would probably retopo the head any way, at least, I'm better with a semi-dense mesh to work the main shapes/details. And 54342 polygons for the head only is not what I call a dense head (even Game characters as around the same number)

Let me know what you think

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