Feb 16, 2014

Game of Thrones: RPG Bannerman: WIP 004-005

I think I need to update this blog a bit. I use to work on many personal projects since I finish the Hardcore Challenge on CGtalk. Some can't be shown because there are secrets projects for my future compagny.

I never talk about my desire to become my own boss by delivering a I.P. (Intellectual Propriety). But this blog is not for that mouahahah. Be patient.

So I decide to return to my anatomy study. I use my bannerman project for that purpose. You can refair to the post of November 2th for the first images for that project. So my goal is still the same: Sculpting a realistic male model in the Game of Thrones universe. I finally block the main shape and proportions and i'm now in subdivision 2: 69 600 polygons.

I have some time here and there for sculpting, but MPC coordination is a big part of my life now. But the project will be so rewarding. I tought I didn't post the last WIP image 004, so here:

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