May 27, 2014

Cx5: Heat problem

Dorkfood Sous vide DSV
So guys, I test Cx5 look very cool in video but I try and can't get the modeling stage like clay. It's hard or liquid.

So I wrote to Adam Beane via his facebook page and he respond to me:

Hi Samuel, I have experienced this myself. Some frypans cycle hot & cold more than others. It can be very frustrating. Keeping the lid on it as much as possible can minimize the problem. Sometimes it is possible to find a "sweet spot" on the dial where the material will be just right. I recently found this device that regulates the frypan for you, to within +-1 degree. It may be interesting to you.

I listen to the youtube video Heat the Cx5 from him and find out that he use 1-1.5 lbs of cx5 in a 7 inch fry-pan. My pan is 14inch and I didn't have the equivalent amount in it. So I conclude that Cx5 is a Thermal sensitive and so it's need a proper space based on the amount we use.

Electrical Fry-pan: 7 inch
So I guess I need to find a new pan. Amazon got a 7 inch electric fry-pan for 20$. I will test it soon. Anyway, I also found out that my 14 inch fry-pan as a small gap between the top and the base. Like a molding issue. Itès not holding the heat of course because of that.

If I have trouble with the material, I will use it just for small piece, like making glasses for 1:6 figure. And I will switch to Wax like Castilene Wax. Stay tune

For now, I only got a 3" ball of cx5 as a result of the 1lbc cx5 bar I bought. 

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