May 24, 2014

New Tools

Adam Beane - Cx5
Hell yeah, Just receive my Cx5 material. Real fun just start. I will test it this weekend and tell you all about this new material for sculpting. If you want to learn more about Adam Beane Cx5, I advice you to check his channel on YouTube Pretty useful to give you an good idea of the possibilities.

I also both a waxer for sculpting in solid stage. I bought a Kerrlab Ultra-waxer 1 (Version 2 is available since 2010, but my store just have an version 1). Main difference between the two version is the hability for the ultra-waxer 2 to have two pens with two differents heat temperature, instead of the version 1 who has just one pen. The Ultra-waxer 2 heat to 500f but the Ultra-waxer 1 heat to 700f.

Kerrlab - Ultra-waxer 1

I also bought a electrical fry-pa, like Adam Beane recommended. Mine is 14 inch.

Proctor Silex - Electrical 14" Fry-pan

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