May 18, 2014

New Project: PJG: Traditional Sculpting

Project PJG: Step One - Armature build
Hi Everybody, X-Men coming to screen and Godzilla is already a HUGE HIT: Man good movie. It's good to work at MPC.

But Because I work all days in front a computer and I tempt myself with Sideshow Collectibles videos on Youtube, I decide to return to basic: Sculpting.. traditional way.

So Clay and Wax are my new tools. I'm not totally done with CG because It's so easy to undo with 3D. But It's hard to print with High quality results.

Jean-Guy Côté: my father
But what is my subject right? Few days ago, I start a Sentinel bust of 1:6 scale from Xmen: Days of Future Past, then I switch to a bigger project. I tought do a tribute to my father: Jean-Guy Côté. He was a big part of Fly fishing industry, first as an artist and a teacher, then as a CEO of his compagnie: Uni-Products.

The Canadian Fly fishing Museam of Waterloo even give him a gallery and a price for his contribution. So maybe because I miss him a bit, I would like to contribute to his passion (I'm not a fisherman) by a sculpt of him in a river Fly fishing. 1:3 scale.

I need to build the armature who will support the clay. I buy many new tools and materials for that project. I plan to sculpt his body in NSP medium clay by Chavant. For the head (I will sculpt it separatly because I think of the details and the mold in the future) I will sculpt it in Cx5 material from Adam Beane Industries who will arrive soon in my hand (just order). Finaly the hat will be done in Y2-Klay from Chavant, so can remove it. Y2 is an industrial clay and it's very hard when cold (they use it to prototype car, you can even sand them). You need to heat if you want to work with it. So a big lamp in a lined box of aluminium form the inside is needed. In an ideal situation I would sculpt everything in Y2-klay because I don't like the NSP if I have the Y2-klay. But I use to have just 2 cylinders of Y2-klay. And like 20 bricks of NSP. Maybe someday I will invest in 150 dollars of Y2-klay (a box of 8 cylinders). But I want to buy something else for now to finish my basic setup up: a Jewelry Workshop.
Jewelry - Workbench
NSP medium clay for the body part
Cx5 for the head
Y2-klay for the hat

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